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Look of the month

Casual, but stylish, with the coolest trainers on the block and Weekend MaxMara from head to toe! A bright yellow sweater to make all the eyes turn on you and the comfiest jeans. Throw your water-repellent jacket on top for the drizzly days, and you are good to go!

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Look of the Month

January’s look of the month speaks in pastel yellow Sportmax. Strict with a bright touch, the Glen plain-patterned jacquard-knit stretch viscose long-sleeved jacket featuring a shirt collar with pockets, enhances your sophisticated style when wearing it. The similarly crafted sleeveless, above the knee dress, boasts your feminine silhouette. Lastly the sling back heeled moccasins in color vanilla, complete your classic look.

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Dresses to impress in Spring by Maxima Boutiques

Our well-anticipated dresses are here, and they are about to take over the Spring Season!

Dresses of every kind; from the cute MaxMara sundresses to Sportmax boldness, and to the Weekend MaxMara denim and comfort, we cannon choose which ones we love the most.


With colors and patterns that match the blooming season, MaxMara’s dresses have just arrived in town with one purpose, to light up your look! The Silk Twill Dress Sponda and the Cotton Poplin dress Ande add a pop of color and draw all the eyes towards your outfit. The third MaxMara dress in the spotlight, Silk Twill Aquile, is patterned in black and white, to give you a more sophisticated look.


For an eye-catching and strong look, the SPORTMAX dresses have been sawn to a standard of perfection for your ultimate Spring outfits. The two shirt dresses in the spotlight, the crew neck Venosa and the Nappa leather Favola, show off your bold and trendsetting style when you wear them.

Weekend MaxMara

Weekend MaxMara never fail to provide you with outfits that can flatter you from every angle. Denims, patterns, floral or bold-styled dresses, you name the dress, and we have it for you to wear from office to after-hours with ease and style.

All these dresses are perfect for the Cyprus Spring weather! Do you want to add these pieces to your springtime wardrobe? Visit any of our stores, send us a message on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, or Call Us to get a free consultation for an outfit that fits your needs and personal style.

Spring pieces to wear when it’s breezy

Even though sunshine may come out during springtime in Cyprus, the weather might still be a bit nippy, so we picked our favorite pieces to warm us up during these times.

Think Teddy, but bomber ?

Slightly oversized, with the albino camel teddy fabric, and the rib-knit hem, collar, and cuffs, this bomber jacket is everything you didn’t know you needed.

MaxMara Camel Teddy bomber jacket ARCELLA

Pouring on your trench coat ?

The water-repellent cotton twill trench coat which is made with cotton-blend twill fabric is your ultimate companion for these rainy spring days. It’s protective when it’s drizzly and light enough for the sunny springtime.

Weekend MaxMara Water-repellent cotton twill trench coat Beige TAGO

A coat for ICONS

The coat to steal everyone’s hearts, the 101801 Icon Coat is a classic and an unmistakable choice for any time of the year, not just in Spring. So, grab this opportunity and purchase it while it lasts, to wear it with pride on any occasion.

Weekend MaxMara Water-repellent cotton twill trench coat Beige TAGO *

Colorful Cashmere ?

The softest sweater you have ever seen, comes in three different spring shades:


?Light blue


Light up your look all season long with these soft and vibrant sweaters for a standout style and an unsurpassed fit.

Another Trench Coat for the drizzles

The water-repellent gabardine trench coat with cotton blend gabardine fabric is here to accompany you for yet another showery day. Its beige color is bright enough for this blooming season and its drizzles.

Weekend MaxMara Water-repellent gabardine trench coat CANASTA

Do you want to add these pieces to your springtime wardrobe? Visit any of our stores, send us a message on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, or Call Us to get a free consultation for an outfit that fits your needs and personal style.

Staying Warm And Stylish With *These* Items

Winter has finally arrived in Cyprus, and fashion calls and wants you to have the warmest and most stylish outfit!

1. MaxMara Softness

Softness and warmth are the absolute combination for this winter. Dress MaxMara from head to toe with this extra fluffy outfit! This hairy-tail of fabrics consists of the wool and cashmere knit set, the teddy bear icon coat, mainly made of alpaca and virgin wool, and the camel beret. The loafers, made with the same fabric as the teddy coat, show off your sophisticated look when you wear them. Lastly, meet your perfect accessory; this bag is so soft and comfortable to carry, without compromising your fashion style.

2. Max&Co. Pop!

Color, Pop, and all things Eccentric Mania! An outfit that stands out, is warm in every way and stylish for all the youngsters out there! Velvet trousers, knitted jumper, a bright pink scarf and a beanie and put your reversible jacket on top! The leather biker boots are then added to not only complement your feet, but to also cushion your stride from heel to toe!

3. Sportmax Boldness

Your favorite Sportmax coat that has removable collars, paired with the comfy cashmere blend knitwear, fits any occasion that demands you to be warm. Add your sleek leather Nappa trousers, along with the leather calfskin ankle boots to make this snazzy winter look bolder.

4. Weekend MaxMara

The MaxMara woman strolls into the weekend with the warmest, outfit for her end of the week adventures, of course wearing nothing else, but Weekend MaxMara. The trousers are corduroy, made of 100% pure cotton velvet, are styled perfectly with the knitted patchwork sweater. The bright orange puffer jacket makes this style stand out and lights you up. The leather loafers are intricately designed and sewn to perfection to complement your feet with this winter look! (wooly jumpers / knits)

5. MaxMara strict and polished

A stricter look that fits and has the right combination fabrics. The combination of wool and cashmere for the skirt and the sweater adds the perfect amount of polish and comfort. Show your feet and legs some love by pairing this outfit with these ideal boots for the season! 

Maxima Boutiques can offer you a custom experience for the guidance of the ideal and perfect warm and stylish outfit for you. Book your consultation now by visiting any of our stores, message us on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, or Call Us!

The Perfect Holiday Gifts

Give, receive and be merry these holidays, with gifts from Maxima Boutiques! Treat yourself or someone else to a little holiday cheer with special and unique items!

Teddy Pillows

Soft. A seasonal décor for your own winter wonderland – whether that’s your living room, your office, or even your bedroom.

Maxmara stickers

A sticky mania has overcome everyone here at Maxima Boutiques for MaxMara’s 70th anniversary. Everybody loves stickers, they can be used everywhere – on your phone case, your notebooks, your agendas. Get creative with the cutest and chicest stickers, the little llama, the zebra, the bear, and the rest of the MaxMara crew!

Maxmara broaches

Brooches everywhere! Brooches of every kind – zoomorphic, monograms, crystals, and they add an unmistakable touch of glamour and a refined twist to any outfit.

Cashmere lovers

Cashmere enthusiasts, we’ve got you! These 100% cashmere scarves are the ideal gift for any person who is obsessed with what fabrics they are wearing; it is a gift they will truly appreciate.

Rib knit socks Marella

Socks to keep you warm and stylish during winter; these rib-knit wool blend socks come in a branded packaging box, and the lucky receiver will be able to style them with boots, trainers or however they like.

Teddy clutch bag

A gift which comes handy, practical, and fashionable. The Teddy clutch bag can hold documents, laptops, or tablets, thanks to its convenient opening and soft, versatile design. It has the perfect size to fit inside the iconic classic Marine handbag, which is the ultimate addition to your warm and stylish outfit.

Fox cuffs

Fox cuffs are an accessory that can be combined with any outwear from the MaxMara The Cube collection. They are so soft, have an eyelet fastening on cotton ribbon, and add sophistication & style to your loved ones’ outfit. 

All silk twill foulards

Silk around your neck or your hair. It is the perfect accessory and gift for anyone who would like to add a piece of chicness and softness to their outfit. 

Teddy coat

The coat that everyone wants and wished they could have! The iconic Teddy Coat is indubitably the best present you could gift to someone these holidays. A gift for someone you love, care, and want them to feel warm, cozy and stylish throughout winter.

We know it can be hard to choose a gift for a loved one, but Maxima Boutiques are here to make this choice easier for you! Feel free to visit any of our stores, send us a message on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Call Us and get a free consultation for the ultimately best gift for someone close to you, or for yourself!

Look of the month

An outfit so light, but perfectly warm for December – and we are talking about layering! The Weekend MaxMara Grisaille wool-blend dress, layered with the wool yarn sweater and the alpaca boucle cardigan, are the definition of elegance and comfort. The MaxMara Chelsea leather boots sprinkle some boldness on this soft and earthy outfit and the ultimate bag to hold when wearing this outfit is none other than the Large Nappa Pasticcino bag to keep your essentials safe on the move, while still having a standout style.

Want this look for yourself? Visit any of our stores, send us a message on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, or Call Us to get a free consultation for an outfit that fits your personal style and needs.

Look of the month

The plan is to go all out for the holidays! This one-shoulder macramé lace sheath dress is to remember! It’s intricately textured and flatters you from every angle. The embroidered satin bucket bag adds a dazzling glow to this evening outfit, and it’s spacey enough to carry all your essentials.  Of course, this totally black outfit, could not miss a brightly white coat to make you stand out when things get chilly! Shoes to complement your legs that also contrast the white coat, are the crocodile-print leather court shoes from MaxMara, for a look that will make everyone do a double take!

Do you want this evening look? Visit any of our stores, send us a message on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, or Call Us to get a free consultation for an outfit that fits your needs and personal style.

Why We Love Store Visits

Why wouldn’t you love store visits is the question!

Shopping online is easy, but nothing quite matches the actual feeling of the different fabrics, trying out different pieces, seeing which ones suit you the most, and getting professional advice from our exceptional staff.

Maxima Boutiques’ clothes are crafted from a plethora of unique and different fabrics. From cashmere to leather, and to camel hair, these are materials that will leave you mesmerized when you touch them. How would you decide otherwise which materials and textures fit you best?

Our incredible staff know everything about the different Maxima Boutiques brands. Behind every piece of cloth, there is a story – and these people know it! They are knowledgeable about all collections; they know all the fine points, the inspiration, and the history behind their production. We are all educated to give you the best customer experience and provide you with the most accurate information we can. It’s not just once, nor twice that we all teamed up to put together an outfit for a customer – from head to toe! For a formal dazzling evening, for an everyday office look this is something we will do for any customer who visits our store. Being able to try out what you are buying and making sure you feel the most comfortable and confident in what you are wearing, is a necessary luxurious feeling.

I think of a store visit as an experience! You enter through our doors, and it’s a whole new world; a relaxing environment, where you can be your truest self. The aura of our boutiques allows you to unwind and transform yourself to its best version. And when you shop and get the perfect outfit, we put it in the cutest packaging. As you are stepping out of our boutiques, confidently holding your new outfit, with the wind blowing in your hair, we want you to feel like a brand new and different woman!

We genuinely love you, all our customers, and want you to have the ultimate experience whenever you visit our boutiques.

Fashion Week Feelings

Milan Fashion Week is a lifetime experience! And with the Milan Fashion Show SS21/22 coming to an end, we couldn’t do anything but reminisce our previous visits.

Maxima Boutiques house MaxMara and Sportmax, two remarkable brands that always showcase their stunning clothes at the Milan Fashion Week.  Ever since the launch of our boutiques 30 years ago, we’ve always been invited to attend the Milan Fashion Shows, and we never missed any of them!

Looking back at every week before the flight to Milan, there was only one thing in common every season – trying to contain our enthusiasm! It was always a matter of trying to decide how many different outfits we could fit into our suitcases; they had to be comfy, yet super stylish outfits. Being at the center of fashion requires you to be well dressed to experience the event to the fullest, but comfortable enough as every day is long. The main dilemma was heels or flats? Extravagant or minimal?

Every show is unique! The locations of the fashion shows are always one of a kind! From universities to luxury estates, MaxMara’s and Sportmax’s fashion show venues every year are breathtaking! People in Milan are walking around like it’s a runway show; all the way from casual clothes to high-street fashion, everyone is stylish with a very neat look. Being at the capital of fashion, at the place it was born, reminds me of my mission and grows my passion for what I do even stronger.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic the number of guests this year was minimized, so we had to miss this one. Even though we couldn’t travel to Italy, we made sure to stream it online and watch it! The truth is, no online streaming platform can match the enthusiasm, the vibes and all the feeling of physically being there, but for now, we will reminisce and be even more excited to watch next the season’s show in Milan, hopefully in person!

Look of the month

Fabrics to feel fearless

It’s a party of fabrics with this outfit! We are mixing Maxima fabrics and getting super-excited for this Fall season that is approaching! The long cotton poplin shirt paired with the alpaca and wool yarn cardigan, is a Weekend MaxMara match made in heaven. These two pieces, combined with the garibo leather boots that so effortlessly compliment your legs, are just some key features of this bold, yet comfortable look we are striving for. The introduction of the ‘S MaxMara’ embroidered earrings with the earthy-colored stones add a touch of sparkle to this eye-catching and carefree outfit we assembled. The final touch is made with the addition of the famous woven pasticcino bag, making you feel the utmost confidence running through your veins when you wear this Maxima Boutiques combination.

Look of the month

White Monochromatic Mood

This all-white and oh, so soft monochromatic outfit for November is the ultimate Fall vibe for us all! The white 100% cashmere jumper with the MaxMara monogram logo, perfectly contrasts the black velvet Sportmax trainers. Smoothness, coziness & elegance –and with the MaxMara wool trousers and madame icon coat from 90% virgin wool and 10% cashmere, it all adds up and speaks comfort to us. Sprinkled with the right accessories, that are none other than the MaxMara deerskin clutch bag and the rhinestone metal necklace, confidence knocks your door and you are good to go!

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